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A Championship Morning: 2023-2024 ACT Aquathlon Series Finale

As dawn broke over the capital, the serene waters of Canberra’s lakeside mirrored the pastel hues of an awakening sky, setting a picturesque stage for the climax of the University of Canberra Aquathlon Series. This wasn’t just any race day; it marked the spirited ACT Aquathlon Championships, an event that encapsulated the synergy between athletic pursuit and academic excellence, thanks to our partnership with the University of Canberra.

Race 3 unfurled amidst a breathtaking light show courtesy of the rising sun, with conditions nothing short of perfect. The water temperature was inviting, the air was crisp, and the vibrancy of the community spirit was palpable as the major clubs of the region displayed their force, filling every race and age category with eager participants.

The competition was fierce and the performances inspiring. In the men’s category, Mitchell Westhuizen of JT Multisport surged to victory, with David Peedom of T3C and Mark Stevens of Bilbys trailing closely for the subsequent podium spots. The women’s category saw Ashleigh Lawson from JT Multisport take the title, followed by teammate Gwenola Le Lu and Meg Signor of Bilbys, all showcasing the tenacity and vigour that are hallmarks of our sport.

Acknowledgments are due to the age group victors who excelled in both the long and short course aquathlons, showcasing their mastery of both endurance and speed. A special mention goes to Grace Hoitink, who conquered the 2km swim-only race, proving her mettle as a shark in the water.

The youth categories were a testament to the bright future of triathlon in Canberra, with Alexander Caldow and Eden Mitchell delivering a small competitive race in the kids’ long course, and Elyse Care dominating the kids’ short course with panache.

As we close the book on this season’s aquathlon series, we reflect on the unwavering support of the University of Canberra. Their commitment to innovation, leadership, and community engagement has been a cornerstone of our success, driving us forward in our mission to make triathlon an inclusive and progressive sport.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the volunteers, the unsung heroes whose enthusiasm and dedication have been the backbone of this series. Their tireless efforts have been the glue holding together the fabric of our events, and it is their spirit that truly represents the robust community essence of Canberra.

As we bid farewell to this series, we are filled with pride for the achievements of all participants and are already looking ahead with excitement to the next chapter. The camaraderie, the challenges overcome, and the personal triumphs witnessed here will resonate long into the future, a future that looks incredibly bright for ACT Triathlon.

Here’s to the champions of today and the promise of tomorrow.


  • 16-19: Ash Watts
  • 20-24: Ashleigh Lawson
  • 25-29: Meg Signor
  • 30-34: Roison O’Dwyer-Mazur
  • 35-39: Frederike Stock
  • 40-44: Libby Werner-Gibbings
  • 45-49: Gwenola Le Lu
  • 50-54: Bronwyn Adams
  • 55-59: Michelle Legge
  • 60-64: Margi Grant
  • 65-69: Adrienne Andrews
  • 70+: Jean Chesson
  • 12-15: Oliver Noble
  • 20-24: Mitchell Westhuizen
  • 25-29: Andrew Walton
  • 30-34: Mark Stevens
  • 35-39: Chris Allison
  • 40-44: Wayne Corlis
  • 45-49: David Peedom
  • 55-59: Seppo Kael
  • 60-64: Ross Beatty
  • 65-69: Gregory Leamon
  • 70+: David Baussmann
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