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Community lies at the core of ACT Triathlon, and it is through the unwavering support of local volunteers that the races come to life.

Who can volunteer?

ACT Triathlon and other event organisers welcome volunteers of all ages, fitness levels, and schedules! Check out our Volunteer Roles section now to find your perfect fit.

How do I sign up to volunteer at a ACT Triathlon Event?

ACT Triathlon use an online portal to manage volunteers at our events. Click on this link to tact.ivolunteer.com to see what is available for any upcoming events.

Volunteer briefing 

Volunteers are required to meet prior to their shift start time for a briefing  

  • The expectations of the day
  • Provide you with any equipment required
  • Supply course maps and an outline of the day
  • We will also answer any questions that you may have
  • You will also be required to sign in at this time.  

More information

If you have any questions or if you have never volunteered before, please feel free to contact the ACT Triathlon Office via email at director@act.triathlon.org.au

Volunteer Roles

Race kit preparation

Prior to registration athlete race packs are prepared. These assembly lines are hives of activity and can be a lot of fun making new friends.


Athletes are required to collect their race packs prior to the event; this will be the day before or on event day. You will be required to identify athletes on a check list and provide them with their race kit. We will brief you to answer questions for the athletes. 

Body marking

Athletes are required to have race numbers marked or applied by temporary tattoo on their arm and leg prior to putting their bikes into transition. You will be required to use a permanent marker or wipes, which will be provided to you.

Baggage area

Athletes are able to leave their bag in a secure area set aside while they are racing. You will be required to check the bags in and then identify the athlete and bag on collection.

Aid stations & recovery

A key part of the athlete’s day is the aid stations and recovery area at the finish line. You will be work in a fun team environment and you get lots of interaction with the athletes.

Swim marshals

Don’t worry you may not need to be in the water to volunteer for this role. You will be required to help marshal the athletes to the swim start and assist athletes as they exit the swim.

Run course marshals 

The majority of run courses are along pathways. You will be required to ensure the pathway is clear for the runners and the public are aware of runners on the pathway.

Bike course marshals

This role involves directing athletes as they get onto their bikes (mount), makes turns or U-turns and of course getting off (dismount) their bikes. Professional traffic management will be in place to manage any traffic. Your key role may also involve informing and directing members of the public so they don’t affect the athletes or harm themselves.

Transition area

In this role you’ll simply direct athletes so they go the correct way around the transition area. You will also be required to assist with ensuring only athletes enter this area and at designated times.

Finish line 

Share each athlete’s moment of glory, as they complete a personal challenge and finish their race. You’re right in the thick of the action as you assist athletes from the finish line to the recovery area. Your key role will be collect athlete timing chips and direct them to the recovery area.


There are so many moments to capture on race day. If you are a keen photographer and would like to help us capture the memorable moments this is the role for you.

Set-up and pack-down

We will be assembling hard-working team of volunteers to work with the Race Crew to assist with setting up and packing up the venue. Please note there will be a high degree of physical labour involved with this role, but the finished result will leave you highly satisfied.

Volunteer safety

Before signing up to be a volunteer please view Volunteers and the model Work Health and Safety Act