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Novice Programs

Your First Step into Triathlon: Embrace the Novice Programs in the ACT

Discover the Thrill of Triathlon

Dive into a world where fitness, community, and passion come together. The ACT is a vibrant hub for triathlon enthusiasts, and our novice programs are tailored for those eager to take the first leap into this thrilling sport. Whether you’ve always been curious about triathlon or you’re seeking a fresh fitness challenge, these programs pave the way for your new adventure.

Transformative Journey for Beginners

Spanning 8-10 weeks, our annual novice programs are structured to evolve newcomers into competent triathletes. Regardless of where you begin on the fitness spectrum, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Inclusivity at Its Best

Our programs are not just about fitness; they’re about community. Whether you’re someone who last rode a bike years ago or an avid runner or swimmer craving a new challenge, there’s a place for you here. Catering to adults, our programs are open for those aged 18 and above.

Comprehensive Training Awaits

Venture into well-rounded 8-10 week courses that provide training across triathlon’s three core disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running. Enhance your fitness, refine your skills, and engage in enlightening sessions about various aspects of the sport. Your journey culminates in a novice distance triathlon race, setting the stage for you to shine.

Why Embark on This Adventure?

Triathlon is more than just a sport—it’s a lifestyle. Engage with our supportive community, receive guidance from seasoned athletes, and experience a sport that continually pushes boundaries and offers avenues for personal growth. For a glimpse into clubs facilitating these novice programs in ACT.

Triathlon Training: More Than Just a Sport

Triathlon beckons people from diverse backgrounds, all unified by the allure of the sport’s lifestyle. Experience the camaraderie, the weekly training sessions tailored for varied fitness levels, and the unparalleled support from experienced triathletes and adept coaches. Ready to elevate your game? Find like-minded peers to inspire and motivate you.

Delving Deeper into the Novice Program

Our esteemed clubs in the ACT offer 8-12 week Novice Triathlon programs, curated especially for newcomers. Engage in sessions honing your skills, boosting your fitness, and acquainting you with invaluable triathlon insights. These programs climax with participants showcasing their prowess in the ACT Triathlon Novice series.

Note: Novice program slots are limited, so make haste! Enroll promptly to secure your spot.

Club DetailsDurationStart DateWebsiteContact
Bilbys Triathlon Club10 weeksTBCCanberra Bilbys Triathlon Clubnovicebilbys@gmail.com
Females in Training (FIT)8 weeks11th October, 2023Females In Trainingwttp@fitact.org.au
Vikings Triathlon Club8 weeks8th October, 2023Vikings Triathlon Clubnovice@vikingstri.com.au

Joining & Membership Benefits

Start by reaching out to a club that aligns with your aspirations. Once onboarded to a novice program, you automatically become a member of both ACT Triathlon and AUS Triathlon.

Key Takeaways for Novice Program Members:

  • Beginner-centric training programs.
  • Skill-focused technique sessions.
  • Availability of four bikes on loan (Contact: admin@act.triathlon.org.au).
  • Access to all ACT Triathlon & Australia member benefits.

Dive into Events & More

Kickstart your triathlon journey by participating in our 2023-24 events, tailored for beginners. Find an event here.

Support for Athletes with Disabilities

At ACT Triathlon, inclusivity is paramount. We wholeheartedly welcome athletes with disabilities. Prior to registering, please touch base with us at admin@act.triathlon.org.au to ensure course suitability.