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ACT Triathlon Shines as an Innovation Award Finalist with Winter Series Triumph

ACT Triathlon has redefined the winter sporting landscape, and our efforts have not gone unnoticed—we’re proud finalists for the esteemed Minister for Sport and Recreation’s Award for Innovation.

Our Winter Series broke through the cold, offering a collection of events that inspired the community to maintain their competitive edge. This initiative wasn’t just about keeping active; it was about sustaining the spirit of triathlon during a season that often signals a pause in the action.

The Winter Series gave our members, from enthusiastic beginners to seasoned pros, the chance to defy the off-season and achieve new milestones. Each participant’s dedication underscored our belief that the true essence of competition isn’t bound by temperature.

Becoming finalists for the Innovation Award is a testament to the hard work and determination of everyone involved. Our volunteers, whose unwavering support made these events possible, and the athletes, who turned each challenge into a display of perseverance, truly embody what ACT Triathlon stands for.

We are honoured by this recognition and are driven to continue our innovative approach to triathlon. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we also look ahead to the endless possibilities this recognition brings. The Innovation Award nomination is not just an honour; it’s a catalyst that will inspire us to keep pushing boundaries, championing the values of sportsmanship and unity, and nurturing the athletic spirit in Canberra’s heart.

We’re more than just a sporting organisation—we’re a hub of innovation and community, and this accolade is a shared achievement with every member of the ACT Triathlon family.

Winter series 2023