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Capital Duathlon – Australian Standard Duathlon Championships

Capital Duathlon – Australian Standard Duathlon Championships

Capital Duathlon - Australian Standard Duathlon Championships


13 October 2024    
5:45 am - 9:30 am


Date: Sunday 13th October 2024
Venue: Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra, ACT Google Map
Race Organiser: ACT Triathlon
Registration: Open 9.00am on 1st July, 2024

(There will be no on the day registrations, and registrations will close at 11.59pm on Sunday 6th October, 2024).

The Capital Duathlon, Canberra’s premier multisport event, doubles as the stage for the Australian Standard Duathlon Championships. On October 13th, 2024, competitors will converge on the University of Canberra Stromlo Forest Park to tackle a variety of race distances in a showcase of skill and endurance.

Athletes can look forward to a range of distances to suit every ability, from the energetic first-timers to the most experienced athletes. The super sprint, sprint, and standard distance races offer varied challenges for all participants.

This event not only stands as the ACT’s premier duathlon championship but also takes on national prestige as it welcomes competitors vying for the Australian Standard Duathlon Championship title. It’s a day to push limits, showcase skills, and join in the collective spirit that embodies the thriving triathlon community in the region.



Standard (Non-Draft Legal) 5km Run / 40km Bike / 10km Run

Sprint (Draft Legal) 2.5km Run / 20km Bike / 5km Run

Super sprint 1km Run / 10km Bike / 2.5km Run



Registration Opens 1st July 2024

Early bird price until 11.59pm on Sunday 4th August 2024

Registration Closes 11.59pm on Sunday 6th October 2024


Standard Distance (Aus Champs) TA member, early $110, regular $135, last minute $150

Standard Distance (Aus Champs) Non-TA member, early $127.50, regular $152.50, last minute $162.50


Sprint Distance TA member, early $80, regular $100, last minute $115

Sprint Distance Non-TA member, early $90, regular $1110, last minute $125


Super sprint Distance TA member, early $50, regular $65, last minute $80

Super sprint Distance Non-TA member, early $60, regular $75, last minute $90


Race Information – Race guide available here from 1st October 2024.

Race Maps 

  • Standard (available in race guide)
  • Sprint (available in race guide)
  • Super Sprint (available in race guide)

Race Description

Welcome to the Capital Duathlon, your journey commences on the renowned Rob de Castella Cross Country track. The Super Sprint, Sprint, and Standard categories have unique running routes:

  • Super Sprint participants will undertake a modified lap of 1km as outlined in the race guide.
  • Sprint competitors will complete a single 2.5km lap.
  • Standard participants will engage in a challenging 5km course, consisting of two laps.


Upon concluding the final lap, all competitors will progress towards the transition area through the double gate. In the transition area, an immediate right turn, followed by a left turn, will lead you to your bike rack.


Conduct your transition diligently, touching your bike only after your helmet is securely fastened. Follow the flow of racks, turning right at the end and moving towards the bike exit. Proceed to the mount line and mount your bike beyond this line.

As you leave the venue, everyone will follow the same direction off the criterium track, onto Dave McInness Road, past the leisure centre, through the first roundabout, and at the second roundabout, follow the normal traffic flow to the left.



Super Sprint will then cover a 4.3km stretch down Uriarra Road before executing a U-turn and returning to the transition area via the opposite side of the road.

Sprint and Standard will venture further down Uriarra Road, for 9.3km (Sprint) and 9.6km (Standard) respectively from the entry to Stromlo Forest Park. This part of the course presents a wonderful view of Canberra’s bushland not often seen from the city, amidst a gently undulating countryside.

Sprint cyclists will execute their U-turn first, and then head back towards the transition area using the other lane. Standard will continue an additional 400m before making their U-turn.

Upon returning, Super Sprint and Sprint will proceed directly back into Stromlo Forest Park and into the transition area, while Standard are required to complete another lap of Uriarra Road, repeating the previously undertaken route.

Upon re-entry into the park, all racers will be directed to transition via a left and then right turn. Dismount your bike before crossing the dismount mat and proceed straight ahead. Take a right turn into the transition area (the same entry used for the run), turning sharply right to reach the rack line. Secure your bike, then continue along the racks and take a left towards the run exit.

Once again, you’ll find yourself on the cross country track. Super Sprint will complete one 2.5km lap, Sprint will tackle two laps totalling 5km, and Standard will finish with four laps for a full 10km. Upon rounding the last bend of your final lap, set your sights on the finish line to complete the race.


Championships Titles

Australian Championship titles will be awarded to first, second and third placed eligible athletes in the Championship event. To be eligible for the Australian Championships titles athletes must hold a current AusTriathlon Standard or Premium membership by Thursday midnight prior to the event.