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Technical Official

ACT Officials

The realm of sports thrives on the dedication, skills, and expertise of Officials. Triathlon, with its intricate combination of disciplines, is no exception. Our “Technical Officials” (TO’s) are vital in ensuring the smooth conduct of events, and they play a pivotal role in the sport.

Technical Development Plan

Upcoming Courses in ACT

LTO Course: LTO courses are conducted face-to-face as required. After completing Modules 1-9 (provided above), candidates can proceed with the LTO Module 10 which is an interview via a Teams meeting.

RTO Course: Invitation only.

ATO Course: Conducted by TA upon nomination by STTA.

Accreditation Levels

  • LTO (Local Technical Official): An introductory level overseen by the STTA, focusing on the Race Competition Rules. LTO Modules 1-9 are accessible at the start of each season from the TA website.
  • RTO (Regional Technical Official): The subsequent step towards becoming a State/Territory-based Race Referee or Technical Delegate. This level highlights the official’s ability to build professional relationships with Race Directors and showcases their trustworthiness and leadership within the STTA.
  • ATO (Australian Technical Official): The pinnacle of national achievement. ATOs are adept at leading Technical Teams during major National events, coordinating with stakeholders, and influencing decisions. They play roles such as RR/TD/CRO at events like multisport national Championships, Continental Cup, and Multisport Series Events.

Active ACT Technical Officials

We deeply appreciate the dedicated ACT Triathlon members who tirelessly work to ensure that events are safe, fair, and enjoyable. A big shoutout for their relentless support!

Aaron Broughton FortitudeATO
Tarita ClarkTACTATO
Gai WebsterTACTATO
Iain AddinellBilbys / DefenceRTO
Phillip LivingstoneTACTRTO
Peter SimpfendorferVikingsRTO
Glen SturestepsBilbysRTO
Natasha BeckmannBilbysLTO
William BradyBilbysLTO
Aaron Coventry BilbysLTO
Denise DruittTACTLTO
Justin HaydenADFLTO
Tim KinderBilbysLTO 
David LeakeVikingsLTO
Petra LeanBilbysLTO
Lara LeverPTCLTO
Anna ReynhoutBilbysLTO
Mary SietsmaBilbysLTO

Technical Official Resources