Team Training

Customised programming and specialised coaching

If you are a sporting team looking to add another layer of strength and conditioning to your training, Century can help. We can provide customised programming and specialised coaching based on team goals and objectives.

Services include:

  • Strength & conditioning training
  • Team building
  • Talent identification
  • Applied Resilience training (ART)
  • Programming
  • Mentoring
  • Face to face (Canberra based)
  • Remote (App based)

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Case study: Basketball Australia Under 19 Trademark camp 2015

Objective: To develop group dynamics based on the team’s values of passion, determination and grit. Create positive sport advocates when competing on a national and international stage.

Solution: A custom experience strength & conditioning course was created in consultation with the head coach and assistant coach based on key group dynamics they wished to focus on. Over a period of 8 hours, Basketball Australia core values and team foundations were drilled and assessed through repetition across multiple individual and team based scenarios. The course was divided into stages, that had a large emphasis on sport specific movements, both of low and high intensity, infused with standard military styled physical training. Team cohesion, integrity and self-awareness were key traits that were focused on to develop the mindset of team before self.

Result: All athletes started and finished together. On the outside the team appeared close, however it was quickly revealed that there were conflicting individual dynamics at play. Over the duration of the course, participants fundamental core values were tested through physical and mental challenges and together as a team they evolved to work as one cohesive unit. It was a large and valuable learning experience for the young athletes, one that will stay with them throughout their careers.

“When we were on a little 2min break in the den to change our shoes, and they played the national anthem to us, and it brought us all to tears.”