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About us

ACT Triathlon is the embodiment of determination and collaboration in the world of endurance sports. Located in the heart of Canberra, our organisation is dedicated to promoting the triathlon discipline, fostering the growth of the sport, and nurturing the next generation of elite athletes. Our core values revolve around commitment, perseverance, and community.

Every event, from the Capital Duathlon to our local training sessions, is meticulously planned and executed to offer an exceptional experience for our athletes. These events are not merely competitions but platforms for athletes to test their limits, strategize, and grow. Our association with institutions like the University of Canberra not only elevates our credibility but also symbolizes our drive for excellence, merging passion for the sport with top-tier education.

Our community thrives on mutual respect and collaboration. The continuous efforts of our volunteers ensure the seamless execution of events, and their dedication resonates with the spirit of the sport itself. They are not just helpers; they are the pillars that uphold the essence of ACT Triathlon.

At its core, ACT Triathlon is more than just a sporting organisation. We are a community that understands the sweat and sacrifice behind every milestone. Our focus extends beyond individual races. We are invested in the holistic development of our athletes, ensuring they are prepared mentally, physically, and strategically. We champion the ideals of sportsmanship, teamwork, and mutual respect, making us not just a platform for triathlons but a beacon for how sports can positively shape individuals and communities. Join ACT Triathlon, and be part of a legacy of excellence, determination, and community-driven success.