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Steve Bingley
Co-Founder & Head Coach

Bachelor Sports Coaching & Exercise Science, University of Canberra
Masters Exercise Science (research – ongoing), University of Canberra

Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
Certificate III Fitness
Certificate IV Fitness
First Aid & CPR
Crossfit Kettlebell

Steve Bingley is co-founder and head coach of Century Strength & Conditioning, Canberra’s largest high performance, science based outdoor fitness provider. Steve is a former paratrooper in the Australian Army, exercise physiologist, and sought after trainer to elite level sporting teams and athletes of all abilities.

The Australian Army ignited his passion for training many years ago, for which Steve spent over 7 years serving in active roles that saw him deploy overseas multiple times. Upon leaving the Army, Steve commenced working in the fitness industry as a coach. Since 2010 he has trained thousands right here in Canberra under his personal ethos of infinitus potentia (infinite potential), believing every person in the right environment, under the right guidance can achieve any goal they set their mind to.

Never one to stop evolving and staying abreast with an ever-changing industry, Steve attended the University of Canberra and attained a bachelor degree in sports coaching and exercise science. During this time, Steve met Dr. David T Martin, former Senior Sports Physiologist with the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) and current Director of Performance Research & Development with the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team. Dr. Martin invited him into the AIS Combat Centre as a subject matter expert in tactical strength & conditioning to assist in talent identification and cultural development inline with Australia’s Winning Edge Strategy. For over 4 years Steve developed mental resilience training packages for sports drafts, team bonding, international visits and Olympic Games preparation. This programming later became known as Applied Resilience Training (ART).

During his time at the AIS, Steve was offered the opportunity to undertake further studies in exercise science, through a masters in research with the University of Canberra. As part of this work, Steve is conducting a study that focuses on the relative benefits of a whole-body exercise, burpees, for combat sport athletes when compared to traditional running-based conditioning.

When he isn’t studying, coaching or consulting, Steve is a devoted husband and father of three children. He enjoys cross-training including trail running, strongman, and Olympic lifting. He has competed in 3 Ultra Trail Australia 100’s (formally North Face 100), many obstacle course races, and several strongman series.

If you are a local Canberran, you may have already had a taste of Steve’s coaching style at one of the ACT Government’s outdoor fitness stations (a part of the Healthy Weight Initiative). The workout boards at the fitness stations have been designed by Steve for a range of fitness levels (beginner to advanced), and incorporate the park’s facilities. He has even starred in a Ford Ranger commercial – this is a man of many talents!

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