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Junior Programs

Dive into Junior Triathlon: Kickstart the Adventure in ACT

Canberra Junior Triathlon Club: Where Young Talent Shines!

Welcome to the realm where budding triathletes find their passion. The Canberra Junior Triathlon Club (CJTC) stands as a beacon for young enthusiasts, offering unique programs tailored for different age groups.

Discover Little T’s Triathlon:

A one-of-a-kind initiative in Canberra, Little T’s Triathlon seamlessly blends fun with fundamentals, introducing kids to the exciting world of triathlon. Catered for the age group 7-12, it’s a holistic program that goes beyond just physical training, emphasizing on nutritional guidance and safety.

Why Little T’s?

  • Triathlon & Swimming: An integrated approach introducing kids to the essence of both sports while promoting overall fitness and healthy routines.
  • Swimming Coaching: Our squad focuses on mastering techniques across strokes in an engaging manner, nurturing the swimmers of tomorrow.
  • Triathlon Training: Beyond just physical prowess, we aim to instill discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence.

For the Teens – Canberra Junior Triathlon Club:

Introduced in 2022, CJT is dedicated to young athletes aged 7-19. Guided by top-notch Australian coaches, CJT goes beyond athletic growth, imbibing essential values like sportsmanship, respect, and a positive training attitude.

Experience the Thrill!
Ready to unveil an exciting series of events? Connect with Little T’s and embark on a fulfilling triathlon journey. For any inquiries, contact us.