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UC Aquathlon Race 3 – ACT Champs

UC Aquathlon Race 3 – ACT Champs

UC Aquathlon Race 3 - ACT Champs

Race 3 of ACT Aqua seriesACT Aquathlon Championships

Race 3 of the University of Canberra Aquathlon Series: The ACT Aquathlon Championships is set to make a splash in Canberra’s multisport scene! This event, scheduled for the morning of February 16th, 2025 at the picturesque Black Mountain Peninsula, is the perfect opportunity for athletes young and old to dive into competitive or leisurely swim and run challenges.

Competitors looking to claim the title in the ACT Championships will compete in the Long Course, which entails a 1000m swim followed by a 5km run. The Short Course offers a 500m swim and 2.5km run for those who prefer a brisk yet rewarding race. The Teaser Swim/Run, a 250m swim and 2.5km run, is ideal for those new to the sport or looking for a quick athletic endeavour. Kids aren’t left out, with courses designed for their energy and excitement, ensuring they’re part of the multisport celebration.

Get ready to make waves and stride towards the finish line at the ACT Aquathlon Championships, where every stroke and step counts towards achieving personal and athletic greatness!


Long Course (14yrs +) 1000m Swim / 5km Run
Short Course (14yrs +) 500m Swim / 2.5km Run
Teaser Swim/Run (14yrs +) 250m Swim / 2.5km Run
Kids Long Course (10-13yrs) 100m Swim / 2km Run
Kids Short Course (7yrs +) 100m Swim / 1km Run
Swim only (14yrs +) 2000m swim (4 laps of 500m swim course)

Race Information – Race guide available closer to the event.

Race Maps 

  • Short course (available in race guide)
  • Long course (available in race guide)
  • Teaser Swim/Run (available in race guide)
  • Swim only course (available in race guide)
  • TRYKids course (available in race guide)