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Coaching in ACT Triathlon: Paving the Path to Excellence

Triathlon in Australia stands tall with its legacy of dedication, enthusiasm, and superior performance. At the core of this legacy are our coaches. Their unparalleled influence touches every aspect of an athlete’s journey, from honing skills to instilling values and driving triathletes towards their pinnacle of potential.

ACT Triathlon Coaching Pathway

  1. Current ACT Coaches:
    • Stay connected and collaborate with our roster of coaches. Latest list updated as of 30th April 2019.
  2. Foundation Coach Course:
    • Ideal For: Aspiring coaches setting their foundational coaching base.
    • Location: Australian Institute of Sport & Teams Online Webinar
    • Duration: Face-to-Face (7:00am – 3:00pm) & Online Webinar
    • Cost: $290
    • Registration: Currently closed.
  3. Development Coach Course:
    • This program is perfect for those who’ve completed the foundational course and aim for an elevated coaching training.
  4. Performance Coach Course:
    • A premier course tailored for seasoned coaches focusing on training triathletes for elite competitive stages.
  5. Become an Accredited Coach:
    • Embark on a 5-step journey, guiding you seamlessly from registration to the moment of accreditation.
      • Step 1: Registration
      • Step 2: Theory
      • Step 3: Practical
      • Step 4: Assessment
      • Step 5: Accreditation
  6. Eligibility & Re-Accreditation:
    • Must be 16 years old and a member of Triathlon Australia.
    • Annually, coaches need to showcase their CPD (Continuing Professional Development), First Aid certificate, and CPR certificate for re-accreditation.

Why Embark on the Coaching Journey?

  • Skill Transfer: Empower athletes to master the intricacies of triathlon across swimming, cycling, and running.
  • Mentorship: Beyond techniques, cultivate values of resilience, unity, and determination.
  • Lifelong Learning: Remain at the sport’s forefront with ongoing updates and learnings.
  • Impactful Legacy: Your guidance today has the potential to sculpt the triathlon champions of tomorrow.

Dive into the coaching realm today, and shape the future of triathlon, one athlete at a time.